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Sidestream EtCO2 Capnography Module Capno-S

A side stream EtCO2 sensor, accurate and durable, suitable for various complex environments. Compatible with multiple protocols. Plug and play, no zero calibration required. Stable and durable.

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Features of Side stream EtCO2 Capnography Module Capno-S

Plug And Play

There is no circuit inside the host, just a serial port.

High Precision

Temperature pressure compensation, timing and self-calibration functions, full-range calibration, to ensure accurate measurement within the range of 0-20%

Long Service Life And Extremely Low Noise

The gas circuit, hardware and software are carefully designed to ensure the long-term stability of the module

Low Power Consumption

Suitable for battery-powered use, automatic pressure compensation. Maintain measurement accuracy in an extremely wide air pressure range of 400-960mmHg. 

Patented Water Filters

The Filters can work continuously for a long time, and can be reused, reducing the user's cost.

Dedicated Fi-lock Air Inlet Interface

Intelligent identification and light indication of filter insertion and breathing status.

Complete EtCO2 OEM Solutions

Multiple communication protocols, and more than 20 years of accumulated technology and experience, easily help you achieve technical and practical improvements

Application Scenarios of Sidestream EtCO2 Capnography Module Capno-S

  • High signal-to-noise ratio

Capno-S is a side stream CO2 module. 

It is equipped with high-quality Multi-Channel Narrowband Filters, IR Light Source, Well-designed Hardware Circuit and Software Algorithms to achieve gas concentration measurement with high signal-to-noise ratio; 

  • Long continuous working time

For side stream modules, there are built-in long-life sampling pumps, ensuring a one-way flow of exhaled air; and high-quality filter that can work for a long time even in high temperature environment.

  • Plug-and-play

It can be used in conjunction with a multi-parameter monitor. The monitor only needs one interface, which can be connected to the module for use.

  • Atmospheric pressure compensation

There is an internal atmospheric pressure sensor, which can automatically adjust the atmospheric pressure and suitable for various altitude ranges and harsh environments; 

  • OEM solutions

We provide the reliable carbon dioxide OEM solutions, with multiple protocols, so that products can be quickly upgraded and assembled.

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