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Multigas Monitor AneSure-H

Based on the infrared analysis technology of Kingst for more than 20 years, AneSure-H is a safe and reliable anesthesia gas monitor, which can guide anesthesiologists to use anesthesia gas to ensure the safety of patients during anesthesia.

anesthetic gas analyzer monitor
anesure handheld anesthesia multi gas monitors anesure h tube
anesure handheld anesthesia multi gas monitors anesure h filter

Features of AneSure Handheld Anesthesia Multigas Monitor AneSure-H

Special Designed Water filter

Water filter can be used for working under the heavy humid environment, also suitable for intubated or non-intubated patients.


An Economic Multi-gas monitor which supports safe agent administration.

Automatic atmospheric pressure compensation

Automatically adjust atmospheric pressure compensation according to altitude conditions

Reliable and Accurate

Based on Kingst's mature technology of infrared gas analysis. 

Alarm For Data Overrun And Suffocation

Quick warm-up with the first value displayed in 5 seconds, and accurate readings displayed in 15 seconds. 24-hour trend graphs, not lost when power off

anesthetic gas analyzer

Specifications of AneSure Handheld Multigas Monitor AneSure-H

AC Input100V - 240V, 50Hz/60 Hz to 5VDC Adapter with 5V mini USB adapter Cable. Optional Vehicle 12V to 5V Mini USB Charger Lead.
BatteryBuilt-in rechargeable lithium battery pack,(3.7V, 3500mAH)
Temperature5 to +50℃
Humidity< 93% (non-condensing) = < 29.45 hPa
Atmospheric pressure70 - 120 kPa
TechniqueNDIR (Non-dispersive infrared gas analysis)
Sampling ModeSidestream
EtCO2, FiCO2 measurement 

Range: 0 – 150mmHg or 0 – 20kPa or 0 – 19.7% (v/v)

Accuracy: ±2mmHg for CO2 range 0 - 40mmHg 

±5% for CO2 range from 41 - 70mmHg 

±8% for CO2 range from 71 - 100mmHg 

±10% Over 100mmHg

Update/Averaging TimeOption of every breath or 10, 20 or 30 seconds
Sample Flow Rate50–250ml/min User Adjustable. Default=100ml/min <±20% for sample flow rate rangesfrom 50–250ml/min
FiN2O/EtN2O measurement 

Range: 0-100%

Accuracy: ± (2 vol% + 2% of reading)

FiHAL/EtHAL, FiENF/EtENF, FiISO/EtISO measurement 

Range: 0-12%

Accuracy: 0-8%: ± (0.15 vol% + 5% of reading); 8-12%: unspecified

FiSEV/EtSEV measurement 

Range: 0-15%

Accuracy: 0-10%: ± (0.15 vol% + 5% of reading); 10-15%: unspecified

FiDES/EtDES measurement 

Range: 0-25%

Accuracy: 0-18%: ± (0.15 vol% + 5% of reading); 18-25%: unspecified

All FiAG 

Update: every 2-3 breath

Trends: 24 hours on Screen Trend and Numeric

Atmospheric Pressure CompensationAuto-compensation for atmospheric pressure variation
Respiration Rate

Range: 3 - 150 breaths/minute

Accuracy: ±1% of reading or ±1 breaths/min whichever is greater

SpO2 (optional)

Range: 0 - 100%

Accuracy: ±2% for SpO2 range from 70 - 100%, 70% of the following does not require

Pulse Rate (optional)

Range: 30 – 250bpm

Accuracy: 30 Beats/min~40 Beats/min, error±2 Beats/min; 

41 Beats/min~250 Beats/min, error±2 Beats/min (Absolute value) or maximum of ± 2% (Relative value)

Rise time

CO2 islessthan 200ms;

N2O islessthan 300ms;

Anesthetic gases (halothane, enflurane, isoflurane, sevoflurane, or desflurane) are less than 300ms

Warm Up Time<15 seconds
Agent threshold0.2%, When an agent is identified, concentrations will be reported evenbelow 0.2% as long as apnea is not detected
Alarm limits

Apnea alarm limits:15-40 sec

High alarm limits EtCO2/ FiCO2:22-150mmHg 

Low alarm limits EtCO2/ FiCO2: 00-60mmHg 

High alarm limits FiHAL/EtHAL, FiENF/EtENF, FiISO/EtISO:1.0-8.0% 

Low alarm limits FiHAL/EtHAL, FiENF/EtENF, FiISO/EtISO:0-6.5% 

High alarm limits FiSEV/EtSEV:1.0-10.0% 

Low alarm limits FiSEV/EtSEV:0-6.5% 

High alarm limits FiDES/EtDES:1.0-18.0% 

Low alarm limits FiDES/EtDES: 0-6.5% 

High alarm limits FiN2O/EtN2O:26-100% 

Low alarm limits FiN2O/EtN2O: 01-78% 

The high alarm limits of respiration rate:4-150 breaths/min 

The low alarm limits of respiration rate:0-140 breaths/min 

The high alarm limits of SpO2:off 

The low alarm limits of SpO2:50-100% 

The high alarm limits of Pulse Rate:70-250 bpm 

The low alarm limits of Pulse Rate:30-100 bpm

Size70 x 160 x 40mm (W x H x D)
WeightMonitor 380g, Weight on Airway ETT/LMA<25g
Warranty & Maintenance/ CalibrationOne year warranty on main unit and lithium ion rechargeable battery Auto self-zeroing calibration, annual calibration check recommended

Application Scenarios of AneSure Handheld Multigas Monitor AneSure-H

  • AneSure-H is a portable accurate anesthesia multi-gas monitor.

  • Equipped with a specially designed water filter, AneSure-H can work continuously for a long time in a high humidity environment, and is suitable for both intubated and non-intubated patients;

  • Based on the powerful infrared analysis technology of kingst for more than 20 years, AneSure-H is a safe and reliable anesthesia gas monitor, which can guide anesthesiologists to use anesthesia gas to ensure the safety of patients during anesthesia;

  • And there is an internal barometer for automatic pressure compensation.

  • It has an alarm function, which will alarm when the measured value reaches the alarm limits or when suffocation occurs;

  • The first data can be obtained within 5 seconds after power-on, and full accurate data can be obtained within 15 seconds; the 24-hour graphs will not be lost when power off;

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