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  • Q How does EtCO2 Module & Monitor works?

    Plug and play, no need a circuit inside the host, just a serial port.

  • Q What types of capnography products do you sell?

    We have etco2 monitors and modules. There are mainly 3 types of monitors: tabletop, handheld and palm capnograph. And the etco2 modules are divided into mainstream modules and side stream modules.

  • Q What is a EtCO2 Module & Monitor used for?

    Monitoring the ETCO2 concentration of patients, and can be used for tracheal intubation positioning, respiratory monitoring, circulation monitoring, auxiliary diagnosis, disease assessment, etc.

  • Q Do you support after sales service?

    Yes. Our repair stations are staffed with factory-trained personnel.

    There are also professional technical engineers to provide you with remote online technical services and support. For the problems encountered by customers in the use of the product, we provide professional solutions, as well as professional materials such as videos and instructions for your use.

  • Q How about the lead time of your capnography products?

    Depends upon order quantity. Usually 7-14 days. For bulk orders, generally 15-30 days.