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Kingst Handheld Capnography Capno-H

A handheld carbon dioxide monitor with automatic atmospheric pressure compensation, high accuracy, suitable for various complex environments.

Handheld Etco2 Monitor
Capnometer Handheld
Handheld Capnometer
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Features of Kingst Handheld Capnography Capno-H

Capnometer Handheld
Handheld Etco2 Monitor

Application Scenarios of Kingst Handheld Capnography Capno-H  

  • Two modes are available: sidestream and mainstream. 

  • Capno-H can simultaneously measure blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, ETCO2 and respiratory rate. Its lithium battery can support continuous work at full load for more than 10 hours; Capno-H is available for short and long-term monitoring of adults, pediatrics, and infants. It is ready to use after power on and no need to calibrate.

  • Capno-H has automatic atmospheric pressure compensation that can provide accurate monitoring whether in plateau or helicopter rescue.

  • With selected interference gas, pulmonary pressure and body temperature compensation to achieve the higher precision.

  • With simple maintenance and sturdy structure, Capno-H is suitable for various harsh environments.

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