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CO2 Mainstream Module Capno-M+

An original patented product that can be used for both intubated patients and non-intubated patients, breaking through the limitation that mainstream modules can only be used for intubated patients.


Features of CO2 Mainstream Module Capno-M+

Patented Products

With its compact design and two kinds of adapters, the mainstream module can be used for intubated patients and non-intubated patients. Breathing light intuitively and qualitatively reacts to real-time concentration.

High Precision

Careful selection of infrared devices, hardware design and software algorithm, to achieve high signal-to-noise ratio and ensure the measurement accuracy within the temperature range of -5-50°C and the measurement range of 0-20%.

Suitable For Adults, Children and Newborns

Excellent performance and low cost. Plug and play, the host does not need internal circuit, but just a serial port. The data can be measured within 4 seconds after power on. 

Automatic Pressure Compensation

There is an atmospheric pressure sensor inside, which is suitable for various altitude ranges. Built in interference gas compensation algorithm.

Reliable Carbon Dioxide OEM Solutions

A variety of protocols, so that your products quickly upgrade assembly.

Specifications of CO2 Mainstream Module Capno-M+

TechniqueNon-dispersive infrared gas analysis, multi-channel infrared detector, no moving parts
Storage condition-40°C to 70°C,<93% RH, non-condensing
Working condition5 to 40℃,10 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Circumstance pressure55-115kP
Power demand5V ± 5% (max ripple 200 mVp-p)
Power consumption<150mA
lnterfaceRS-232/Standard E-8-1, 38.4 kBaud,10 ms data interval (KM) or customized communication protocol.
CO2 measurement range0-150 mmHg, 0-20 kPa, 0-19.7%
CO2 resolution0.1mmHg
co2 measurement accuracy

0 - 40 mmHg ± 2 mmHg

41 - 70 mmHg ± 5% of reading 

71 - 100 mmHg ± 8% of reading 

101 - 150 mmHg ± 10% of reading

Respiration rate3-150 bpm
Respiration rate accuracy±1% of reading or ±1 rpm whichever is greater
Anesthetic gas compensationN2O, O2, Agent (HOST supplied)
Barometric PressureBarometric Pressure 400 to 860 mm Hg automatic
Warm-up timeTo reach designed deviation 97% within 8s, to reach designed deviation within 20s.
Rise timeAbout 70ms
CO2 StabilityShortly drifting: drifting less than 1 mmHg, after 4 hours’ power on. Long drifting: drifting does not influence nominal accuracy after continu hous 140 hours’power on
CalibrationNo routine user calibration required
Zeroproceeding when replacing adaptor
EtCO2 calcualtionevery breath, or 10 or 20 seconds averagely

Application Scenarios of CO2 Mainstream Module Capno-M+

  • Innovative Patented Products

Capno-M+ is an innovative carbon dioxide module independently developed by Kingst, which can be used for both intubated and non-intubated patients. It breaks through the limit that the mainstream modules can only be used for intubated patients in the past.

  • High Accuracy

It is equipped with high-quality Infrared device, hardware design and software algorithm to achieve gas concentration measurement with high signal-to-noise ratio;

  • Low Consumption and Easy to use

A variety of adapters for adults, children and newborns, cost-effective, reduce the cost of use;

  • Plug and Play,

No circuit is required inside the host, only one serial port is needed, and the data can be measured within 4 seconds after power-on;

  • Automatic Pressure Compensation

There is an internal atmospheric pressure sensor, suitable for various altitude ranges, and a built-in interference gas compensation algorithm;

  • OEM Solution

Reliable CO2 OEM solution, compatible with multiple protocols, enabling you to quickly upgrade your product.

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