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Anesthesia Multi-Gas Monitors

Measure and monitor the concentration of CO2, functional oxygen saturation SpO2, Pulse and N2O concentrations, as well as the following volatile anesthetics: Halothane, Enflurane, , Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane.

Features of Anesthesia Multi-gas Analyzer Monitor
Features of Anesthesia Multi-gas Analyzer Monitor

Features of Anesthesia Multi-gas Analyzer Monitor

1.Portable and lightweight mainstream multi-gas monitor, suitable for emergency, pre-hospital and intra-hospital transfer, operating room, ICU, enhancing the safety of anesthesia

2. Alarm for data overrun and suffocation. Quick warm-up with the first value displayed in 5 seconds, and accurate readings displayed in 15 seconds. 24-hour trend graphs, not lost when power off

3. Turn on the unit, and it is ready to use instantly with no need to calibrate.

4.Automatic atmospheric pressure compensation; Economical adapters reduce usage costs.

5.Data output via USB and Bluetooth (optional). 

6.Firm and durable, suitable for various medical environments (field, helicopter, etc.)

Specifications of Anesthesia Multi-gas Analyzer Monitor

Relative humidity10%~90%(Non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure55~115kpa
Co2 Measuring range0-150mmHg
Accuracy0~40mmHg, inaccuracy≤± 2mmHg;
41~70mmHg, inaccuracy≤±5% of Reading;
70~100mmHg, inaccuracy≤± 8% of Reading;
101~150mmHg, inaccuracy≤±10% of Reading;
N₂O Measuring range0~100%
Inaccuracy±(2vol%+ 2% of Reading)
HAL, ENF, ISO Measuring range0-12%
InaccuracyFor 0~8% ±(0,2 vol% + 5% of Reading)
For 8~12% unspecified
SEV Measuring range0~15%
Inaccuracy0~10%,±(0,2 vol%+5% of reading)
10~15% unspecified
DES Measuring range0~25%;
Inaccuracy0~18%,±(0,2 vol%+5% of reading)
18~25% unspecified
Respiration Rate Range2~150 t/min

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