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Anesthesia Multi-Gas Monitors

Anesthetic gas analyzer monitor has wide applications. It can measure and monitor the concentration of CO2, functional oxygen saturation SpO2, Pulse and N2O concentrations. Also anesthetic gas monitor is also useful for the following: Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane.

Features of Anesthesia Multi-gas Analyzer Monitor
Features of Anesthesia Multi-gas Analyzer Monitor

Features of Anesthesia Multi-gas Analyzer Monitor

1.Portable and lightweight mainstream multi-gas monitor, suitable for emergency, pre-hospital and intra-hospital transfer, operating room, ICU, enhancing the safety of anesthesia

2. Alarm for data overrun and suffocation. Quick warm-up with the first value displayed in 5 seconds, and accurate readings displayed in 15 seconds. 24-hour trend graphs, not lost when power off

3. Turn on the unit, and it is ready to use instantly with no need to calibrate.

4.Automatic atmospheric pressure compensation; Economical adapters reduce usage costs.

5.Data output via USB and Bluetooth (optional). 

6.Firm and durable, suitable for various medical environments (field, helicopter, etc.)

Specifications of Anesthesia Multi-gas Analyzer Monitor

Relative humidity10%~90%(Non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure55~115kpa
Co2 Measuring range0-150mmHg
Accuracy0~40mmHg, inaccuracy≤± 2mmHg;
41~70mmHg, inaccuracy≤±5% of Reading;
70~100mmHg, inaccuracy≤± 8% of Reading;
101~150mmHg, inaccuracy≤±10% of Reading;
N₂O Measuring range0~100%
Inaccuracy±(2vol%+ 2% of Reading)
HAL, ENF, ISO Measuring range0-12%
InaccuracyFor 0~8% ±(0,2 vol% + 5% of Reading)
For 8~12% unspecified
SEV Measuring range0~15%
Inaccuracy0~10%,±(0,2 vol%+5% of reading)
10~15% unspecified
DES Measuring range0~25%;
Inaccuracy0~18%,±(0,2 vol%+5% of reading)
18~25% unspecified
Respiration Rate Range2~150 t/min

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