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Capnograph Capno-T

Capno-T is a portable palm capnography monitor. Portable ETCO2 monitors have many advantages. They are compact, lightweight, and durable. In addition, portable ETCO2 monitors have an extremely short warm-up time and can quickly display capnography and data. The solid-state design and long-term stable lifespan in challenging environments also make Capno-T more competitive in the market.

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etco2 portable monitor
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Capnograph Capno-T

Features of Kingst Portable EtCO2 Capnograph Capno-T

Compact and Lightweight

1.5 inch LCD display, 80g weight

Strong suitability

Suitable for first aid, pre-hospital and intra-hospital transfer, operating room, and ICU

Quick and Accurate

Quick warm-up with the first value displayed in 5 seconds, and accurate readings displayed in 15 seconds. 24-hour trend graphs, not lost when power off.

Large Character Mode

The data can be clearly seen from 5 meters away.

Automatic atmospheric pressure compensation

Automatically adjust atmospheric pressure compensation according to altitude conditions

Economical adapters

More cost-effective adult and child adapters

portable etco2 monitoring devices

Specifications of Kingst Portable Capnograph Monitor Capno-T

AC Input100V -240V, 50Hz/60 Hz to 5VDC Adapter with 5V type-CUSB adapter Cable
BatteryBuilt-in rechargeable lithium battery pack (3.7V, 1200mAH)
Temperature5 to 50
Atmospheric pressure86~106kpa
EtCO2/FiCO2 Range0~150mmHg
Accuracy±2mmHg for CO2 range 0 - 40mmHg;

±5% for CO2 range from 41 - 70mmHg;

±8% for CO2 range from 71 - 100mmHg;

Over 100mmHg ±10%

Respiration Rate Range3~150 rpm
Accuracy±1% of reading or ±1 rpm whichever is greater
Size38 x 42 x 44mm (W x H x D)
Weight80g(including lithium battery and adult airway adapter)
Display size1.5 inches

Application Scenarios of Kingst Portable Capnograph Monitor Capno-T

Mainstream, lightweight, portable and real-time capnograph.

  • 1. Medical Emergency: During medical emergencies, healthcare professionals can use the Capno-T to monitor

    patients' ETCO2 levels andobserve the Capnography to assess their respiratory function and ventilation status.

  • 2. Bedside Monitoring: The Capno-T can be easily carried to the patient's bedside, providing healthcare professionals

    with real-time monitoring of end-tidal carbon dioxide, allowing for continuous monitoring of the patient's respiratory status.

  • 3. Emergency Department and ICU: In medical environments such as the emergency department and intensive care unit (ICU),

    the Capno-T serves as an essential monitoring tool, assisting healthcare professionals in comprehensive assessment and

    management of patients' respiratory conditions.


  • 4. Emergency Situations: Due to its portability and durability, the Capno-T can also be used in outdoor emergency and

    crisis situations, providing reliable support for end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring for medical teams.

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