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Capnograph Capno-T

This kind of portable etco2 monitor is a portable palm carbon dioxide monitor. The portable capnography monitor has so many advantages. It is compact, lightweight and durable. The portable etco2 monitor is also useful for its fast response and short warm-up time. Also, full Solid design and long service life in challenging environment also make the portable etco2 monitor more competitive.

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etco2 portable monitor
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Capnograph Capno-T

Features of Kingst Portable EtCO2 Capnograph Capno-T

Compact and Lightweight

1.5 inch LCD display, 80g weight

Strong suitability

Suitable for first aid, pre-hospital and intra-hospital transfer, operating room, and ICU

Quick and Accurate

Quick warm-up with the first value displayed in 5 seconds, and accurate readings displayed in 15 seconds. 24-hour trend graphs, not lost when power off.

Large Character Mode

The data can be clearly seen from 5 meters away.

Automatic atmospheric pressure compensation

Automatically adjust atmospheric pressure compensation according to altitude conditions

Economical adapters

More cost-effective adult and child adapters

USB And Bluetooth Transmission

Sturdy design, suitable for various medical environments (field, helicopter, etc.)

portable etco2 monitoring devices

Specifications of Kingst Portable Capnograph Monitor Capno-T

AC Input100V -240V, 50Hz/60 Hz to 5VDC Adapter with 5V type-CUSB adapter Cable
BatteryBuilt-in rechargeable lithium battery pack (3.7V, 1200mAH)
Temperature5 to 50
Atmospheric pressure86~106kpa
EtCO2/FiCO2 Range0~150mmHg
Accuracy±2mmHg for CO2 range 0 - 40mmHg;

±5% for CO2 range from 41 - 70mmHg;

±8% for CO2 range from 71 - 100mmHg;

Over 100mmHg ±10%

Respiration Rate Range3~150 rpm
Accuracy±1% of reading or ±1 rpm whichever is greater
Size38 x 42 x 44mm (W x H x D)
Weight80g(including lithium battery and adult airway adapter)
Display size1.5 inches

Application Scenarios of Kingst Portable Capnograph Monitor Capno-T

Mainstream, lightweight, portable and real-time capnograph.

  • Capno-T is a compact, portable and real-time ETCO2 Capnograph, which is suitable for First-Aid & Emergency Department, Pre-hospital, Hospital transportation, Operating Room as well as ICU.

  • It has an alarm function, which will alarm when the measured value reaches the alarm limits or when suffocation occurs.

  • The first data can be obtained within 5 seconds after power-on, and full accurate data can be obtained within 15 seconds; the 24-hour Etco2 graph will not be lost when power off.

  • It has a large-character display mode, and the data can be clearly seen from more than 5 meters away.

  • It is ready to use after power on and no need to calibrate.

  • Data output via USB and Bluetooth (optional), compatible with multiple database software systems.

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