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Capnograph and Oximeter KMI605A

A tabletop carbon dioxide monitor that can be fixed or mobile. High accuracy and stable performance. It can be used in emergency, operating room, intensive care unit (ICU), intubation position monitoring, etc.

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Features of Kingst Desktop Capnograph and Oximeter Monitor KMI605A

It Can Be Tested Immediately After Startup Without Zero Calibration

Atmospheric pressure automatic compensation, whether plateau or helicopter rescue, can provide accurate monitoring.

Simple Maintenance

Sturdy structure, suitable for various harsh environments 

Multiple data output: USB, Bluetooth (optional)

Wired and wireless transmission, convenient for data storage

Multiple Data Processing And Recording Modes

Database software, Bluetooth printer (optional).

The Lithium Battery Can Work Continuously For More Than 12 Hours At Full Load

Nice price consumables, the dehydrator can work continuously for a long time.

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Specifications of Kingst Desktop Capnography Monitor KMI605A

AC Input220V,50Hz,12V/1.8AH
Environmental temperature5~40℃
Relative humidity30~75%(Non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure86~106kpa
Co2 Measuring Range0~150mmHg
Accuracy0~40mmHg, inaccuracy≤± 2mmHg;
41~70mmHg, inaccuracy≤±5% of Reading;
70~100mmHg, inaccuracy≤± 8% of Reading;
101~150mmHg, inaccuracy≤±10% of Reading
Respiration Rate3~150t/min
Monitoring Inaccuracythe bigger value of ±1% or ±1 t/min
Gas sampling flow50~250cc/min (Optional)
SpO2 monitoring range50~100% (KMI605B without SpO2)
AccuracyFor 70%~100%, inaccuracy≤± 2%,
When ≤70%, not required
Monitoring range of Pulse rate30~250bpm (KMI605B without PR)

Application Scenarios OF Kingst Desktop Capnography Monitor KMI605A

  • Responsive and easy to operate

KMI605A/B is a tabletop accurate capnograph, it can measure EtCO2 waveform and value immediately after power on, and no need for zero calibration. At the same time, it has the atmospheric pressure compensation, so that KMI605A/B can well adapt to harsh environments such as plateaus or helicopter rescue. 

  • Sturdy and easy to maintain

The housing is sturdy and durable, and can be used in a variety of harsh environments. Its maintenance and upgrades are very simple.

  • Long continuous working time

Its lithium battery can work continuously for more than 10 hours under full load with durable and nice price consumables – water trap. Data can be output via USB or Bluetooth. 

  • Convenient data output

It has a variety of data processing and recording methods: database software or Bluetooth printer (optional). 

  • Two modes are available 

Mainstream and Side stream. Different modes can be selected according to different scenarios.

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