KM2010 Series

Carbon dioxide monitor

Product Features

12.1/8 inch high brightness full view color LCD, with touch screen, can display up to 12 waveforms at the same time.
User can choose a variety of display interface, free and flexible.
Suitable for adults, children and newborns.

Intelligent Monitoring

Humanized design of sound and light alarm.
ECG anti high frequency electrotome, anti defibrillation.
ST segment monitoring, arrhythmia analysis, pacing analysis, drug concentration calculation, etc.

Stable and Durable

Power down storage function, can store a week's trend chart and data table for inspection and analysis, save and playback ECG waveform at any time.
Built in battery ensures continuous monitoring.

Extended Functions

Microfluidic mode, printing options.
It is convenient for the central monitoring system to form a monitoring network.
Convenient multi style bracket installation (optional).