About us

Kingst Medical is forerunner of EtCO2 module and monitor manufacturing in Asia. It's an engineering company that focuses on creating quality products through development and innovation.
Founded in 2001, Kingst focused on infrared gas analytics technologies and created the EtCO2 monitor. From 2008, Kingst started selling EtCO2 module series; since then, Kingst has had innumerable deals with major medical vendors. Globally there are more than 100 thousand functioning devices (including modules) from the Kingst (data from 2019).
Kingst is a certified High-tech Enterprise in China. Its EtCO2 modules and monitors are certified by C.E. and ISO-9000 standards and every product complies with RoHS. In 2020, our mainstream and sidestream EtCO2 modules are both certified by F.D.A.
Kingst has also launched mainstream and sidetream multi-gas modules (CO2, N2O, halothane, enflurane, isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane), mainstream and sidestream multi-gas monitors.

Our Pruducts

Brand of qualification

In 2004, Established and implemented ISO9001 quality management system
In 2005, it passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and CMD13485 system certification
In 2015, it passed ISO13485 international medical industry quality management system certification
In 2015, the company's main products have obtained the European CE certificate
In 2020, it obtained the REGISTRATION license of FDA510 (K) in the United States

Corporate Headquarters

Kingst Commercial and Trade Co.,Ltd
5-6 F, Building 3, No.27, Yongwang Road, Z-park Daxing Bio-medicine Industry Park, Dist. Daxing, Beijing P.R.C